About Us

Our firm has over twenty five years of experience in the engineering and legal graphics industry and has enabled us to develop creative graphic solutions for the litigation process. We are well adapted to the tight project time lines that litigation demands. We have worked with national experts in nearly every field of forensic engineering and science with hundreds of the nation's leading law firms. Our courtroom graphics have been influential in winning or settling many multi-million dollar lawsuits. Many of our graphics assist in out of court settlements avoiding the cost of trial.

How Our Process Works

We commence by creating a living document of the facts of your case that help identify the physical conditions of the event fault and failures that resulted in the death, serious injury or casualty event. We take your event from words to illustration. A complex event can be better understood and more easily appreciated VISUALLY than in statements or witness words alone. Accurate graphics developed early on in litigation will assist the prosecution or defense of your case by allowing the various agencies working on your case have the same clear understanding of the factual elements of your case in chief. This approach will assist the attorney, client, consultant, deponent, jury and judge to all be on the same page. This integrative approach will aid in the prosecution or defense of your case.